Me and My Background

RJKHeadshot10I was born in Bogota, Colombia, the son of a Polish-American father and Chilean-Colombian mother. We — there were eventually eight siblings — grew up in Levittown, Long Island; New Brunswick, New Jersey and Levittown, Pennsylvania.

12 years of Catholic schooling introduced me to altar-boy wine tastings, knuckle scars from Dominican nuns and Franciscan brothers, and a backbone of morality and ethics.  CYA sports (football, baseball, track and cross-country running) taught me teamwork. My World Affairs Council of Philadelphia President-elect position during my senior year of high school produced my first radio appearances and celebrity contacts.  

My lasting affinity for word definitions and etymology stems from 12 years of  Latin crammed into my skull — an education that works well for me now as an author. (Sister Mary Stained Glass Windows, your prayers have been answered.)

Attending Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, I discovered my new “religion:” the church of “whatever I can try at least once,” like hitchhiking long distances (“I was bored.”); sex as often as possible (“Whoa! Okay, so it was way more than once, but I didn’t get started until my sophomore year!”); Spanish classes, Michigan winters and “Grasser” parties on the hill overlooking the soccer field (Mickey’s Malt Liquor which you should never, EVER, mix with vodka!).

My burgeoning resume of new experiences included growing my hair long, wearing boots with my pants stuffed into them and throwing away my underwear (Going “Commando” before commando was cool.)

I not only dabbled with drugs (“It was the 60’s, who didn’t!”), drank alcohol (“Hey, this was college!“), and ate macrobiotic food (“I had to learn to use chop sticks somehow.”), but also managed to study anthropology and ethnology; learned some French, contemplated notions of applied-philosophy with my professors (“Better that than my navel.”), and pulled down better-than-average grade points. After my roommate introduced me to his classical music repertoire, which we were wont to play loud enough to wake up most of the campus, my ears opened to whole new musical worlds.

Then I changed. I discovered the means to greater spiritual awareness. My relations with women widened above the belt line. People in general, including my peers and superiors, interested me more.  I would never be the same and I knew it.  (“Change opened my eyes. I felt like I could help others more, and that I wanted to.”)  

Today, my spirituality harbors my certainty that there is God within each of us. We — the participants of Mankind — are the only hope of mankind.  For all of us to discover this, we must come to fully trust each other; then there will be peace and understanding. 

My affinity for the beauty that is within the essence of every man and woman has brought me lasting, international friendships, a solid marriage, one great, courageous son, and a bright and lively grandson. I have a decidedly un-serious approach to living, which leads me to write uplifting books that make differences in people’s lives. 

At this point in my life I’ve learned what works for me and what not to repeat.

My goals are few:

  • complete, personal, spiritual freedom and awareness.
  • unfettered freedom for anyyone to freely create as an Artist. 
  • Universal acceptance that we are spiritual beings.

My beliefs are:

  • that we create all conditions through postulates, considerations and agreement.
  • that we are free to name, want, pursue and attain any dream, but we accomplish them best by helping others to achieve theirs, and
  • one day we will reach all of our goals and make all of our dreams come true.

My art in different media manifests and reflects my beliefs and personal certainties. I invite your agreement, too.


© Ron Kule, 2010,2012. All Rights Reserved.  Any copy, reproduction or unauthorized use of these contents without written permission of the copyright owner,  is a violation of all applicable copyright laws.  Permission may be obtained through  


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