To Sell More You Need to Listen More

The Art of Sales

The art of Sales is not an exacting science but it does have finite basic data that can be learned and used to predictably sell better and easier.
Research began in the late 1800’s for these basics, and they were found. They proved to work incredibly well all across America in the early 1900’s and, later, internationally.
What we added with our training manual were key understandings of the basic data, as well as practical ways of how to improve skills required to use them effectively. The end result is sales trainees who really know how to sell well… predictably well. 
If you’re alive on this Earth, sooner or later you’re going to have to sell something either commercially (products or services) or on a personal level (ideas, dreams, proposals, etc.). Given that fact, does it not make sense to learn the basic data and a method of applying them, so that you can win the sale, the idea, the dream or the proposal?
This book could change your life!Our book and course, Listen More Sell More, combines one easy-to-learn approach and methods for applying ithe information. This book should be a part of your library, because the return on its investment FAR outweighs its cost! We guarantee you will be able to learn its contents, improve your skills, be able to apply what you know effectively and, as a result, improve your effectiveness when selling. More sales mean you can enjoy more of what you want in life, which is something worth having!
If you are already trained in how to sell, this book/course will help you get more use from what you already know. One of the world’s most renowned sales consultants and best-selling authors agrees:
“This is an excellent book, loaded with practical methods and techniques to help you sell more – faster and easier.” — BRIAN TRACY.
Purchase the book today. Study the course inside and do the practical-skills exercises… and see results that you only imagined were possible! LISTEN MORE SELL MORE by Ronald Joseph Kule. Today in English, Swedish and  Spanish. Russian coming soon!

Escucha Más Vende Más – NEW Book!

KuleBooks LLC anuncia el lanzamiento de la edición de su libro ESPAÑOLA, Escucha Más Vende Más, por el autor y las ventas entrenador Ronald Joseph Kule.

KuleBooks LLC announces the release of the SPANISH edition of its book, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE,  by author and sales trainer Ronald Joseph Kule.


Un manual de auto capacitación, Escucha Más Vende Más consiste en ventas corregir los datos básicos y series de entrenamiento exclusivos que no sólo mejoran la comprensión de la forma de vender, sino también mejorar la capacidad de aplicar efectivamente lo que se aprende.

Escucha Más Vende Más no compite contra otros libros de entrenamiento en ventas; más bien, que les subyace, aumentar su eficacia mediante dando al alumno una mejor base sobre la cual construir su arsenal de venta de conocimiento.

En el interior de cada libro es un curso completo de formación establecido en formato paso a paso para asegurar la comprensión completa de los materiales.

La nueva edición española abre la ruta para toda la población latina para poder aprender un método de probada eficacia para la venta, así como a las ventas más cerrados. Es el primer volumen de una serie de libros de ventas que traerá por completo a la comprensión de cualquier estudiante de ventas o vendedor que deseen vender con mayor eficacia.

Esta nueva edición en español está disponible en línea en y en la página web del libro del autor.

© 2016 por Ronald Joseph Kule y KuleBooks LLC. Reservado.

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A self-training manual, Escucha Más Vende Más consists in correct sales basic data and exclusive training drills that not only enhance understanding of how to sell, but also improve ability to actually apply what is learned.

Escucha Más Vende Más does not compete against other sales-training books; rather, it underlies them, enhancing their effectiveness by giving the trainee a better foundation upon which to build his or her arsenal of selling knowledge.

Inside of each book is a complete training course laid out in step-by-step format to ensure complete comprehension of the materials.

The new Spanish edition opens the route for the entire Latin population to be able to learn a proven approach to selling well and to more closed sales. It is the first volume of a series of sales books which will completely bring to understanding any student of sales or salesperson wishing to sell more effectively.

This NEW Spanish edition is available online on and at the author’s book website.

LISTEN MORE SELL MORE editions are available currently in English, Swedish and Spanish. A Russian edition will be released early on 2017.

© 2016 by Ronald Joseph Kule & KuleBooks LLC. Reserved.

brand positioning surveys

 Brand Positioning Surveys

Blockbuster’s Oops! Moment

An American Indian looks at the transcontinental railroad as it nears completion in 1868.

My friend Bruce Wiseman founded a market research company that for more than 27 years has delivered brand positioning surveys to companies of all sizes. His articles* inspire and lend us bits of Americana that give us pause for thought. (*edited by me, when posted here.)


“I am intrigued almost to the point of obsession to know what this Native American was thinking.

“Did he have any sense of what was coming?

“Did he know that passengers on the trains that would travel this line would shoot the buffalo herds that raced with the train, for sport?

Not likely.

“The buffalo population — about 50 million in 1830 — would be wiped out in less than two decades.

“Did he know that Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse would lead the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho in a great victory over General George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry at the Little Big Horn, eight years hence?

“Yet, Custer’s Last Stand would mark a key turning point in U.S. history: American Indians would find themselves relegated to reservations, their culture destroyed.

“Not unless he could foretell the future could he know.

“But even if he could have known, and he and his fellow Native Americans taken steps to mitigate the damage, they lacked the resources to halt the relentless advance that was America’s pioneer movement.

Blockbuster Knew Better

Blockbuster's Oops! Moment

“On November 6, 2013, Blockbuster announced that it was closing its remaining stores. Founded in 1985, the company had boomed during the short-lived reign of VHS video rental. At it’s peak, the company fielded nearly 9,000 stores with a market value of $5 billion dollars.

“Our Native American may have only sensed the coming changes of the relentless, westward march of the American frontier, but Blockbuster had every reason to be aware of the light-speed-like changes that filmed entertainment ushered into people’s homes with the Digital Revolution. Blockbuster’s executives stayed with their store-rental paradigm until its competitor, Netflix, drove its brand and service into movie-watchers’ homes. By then it was too late.

“They were even so arrogant as to blow off the opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million in 2000. Today, Netflix has a market cap of $20 billion.


“Blockbuster’s light bulbs finally went on and it tried to re-capture market share by rolling out a rent-by-mail program, and then a streaming-video service. Netflix, however, already owned this position in the public’s mind. If Blockbuster would have any success at this attempt, they should have rolled out a new brand. Blockbuster meant video… and late fees… in the public’s mind; not mail rental or streaming video.

“In announcing the closing of the stores, DISH Network CEO Joseph Clayton — DISH had bought Blockbuster out of bankruptcy in 2011 — said, “… We continue to see value in the Blockbuster brand and we expect to leverage that [value and] brand as we continue to expand our digital offerings.”

Understanding Positioning

“We must ask Joseph Clayton:

“‘Joe, since your marketing people don’t seem to understand positioning, may we, considering that Blockbuster does own a position in the minds of the public that watches movies at home, which is VHS… and late fees (Do a survey, Joe, you’ll find out.), offer you an observation or two?

“‘If you are going to roll out a digital offering or a rent-by-mail service successfully, Joe, do it with a new brand. Use your cash and resources to survey your existing clients; and then survey Netflix clients to get their ‘hot buttons.’

“‘Use that information, Joe, to work up some potential names, and a sexy new service offering based on what your prospects told you they wanted. Then, survey your list of names to find out which would most motivate people to switch from Netflix to buy or add on your product.'”

Brand Positioning Surveys

Bankruptcy Broke Blockbuster… or Did It?

“Clayton and his cronies saw equity in the name Blockbuster because they paid $320 million — a bankruptcy price for the brand. Blockbuster for 25 years drove its brand into the public mind, positioned with in-store movie rentals, but the public’s perception of a brand cannot be changed with a decision spawned in the corporate boardroom. The marketplace doesn’t work that way. Like it or not, one owns one place, a position, in the public’s mind for better or worse.

“The 25-year-old Blockbuster brand earned its gold watch. Let it retire to the old-brand home to play dominoes with E.F. Hutton, Compaq Computer and Pan Am, among other forlorn brands.

“We, therefore, implore of Clayton and his circle to ‘roll out a fresh new brand that resonates with today’s home-movie-watching public.'”

# # #

Give It a New Brand

This approach is cleaner, faster, and less expensive than trying to re-position a brand from the 90’s. Somebody should call Joe and tell him that we’ll be happy to discuss his options, perhaps do some brand positioning surveys for him, even at this stage of the game… or perhaps, his next venture?

Of course, whether Joe calls or not, we’d be delighted to hear from you to discuss your brand, your position, your surveys… and whatever way we can be of service. After all, we’ve been producing brand positioning surveys for lots of companies for years.

Best Wishes,

Bruce & Ron


Ron Kule, President,

Research Target Group, for On-Target Research and Bruce Wiseman



You folks are the scope on the rifle. My only regret was that the brand positioning surveys weren’t done sooner. We could have saved large sums of money.” — R.W., President

© 2014 by Ronald Joseph Kule & Bruce Wiseman. Reserved.

Wanted: The New Kid in Town

(My company, Research Target Group, is a business development arm for On-Target Research. The following is a guest blog from its Founder, Bruce Wiseman.) — Ronald Joseph Kule

Brand Positioning Creates Want

“There is a new position in town.

“But it has a back story.

“I live in a little community called Toluca Lake. It is adjacent to Burbank and surrounded by the entertainment industry.

“Many artists live here as have others before them. Bob Hope’s home (now for sale) is a block and a half down the street. Frank Sinatra, W.C. Fields and Bing Crosby had homes here. So did Emilia Earhart. Ronald and Nancy Reagan had their wedding reception here at friend William Holden’s place.

“A number of today’s entertainers followed suit. Miley Cyrus is a few blocks away. Denzel moved but Jack Black, Andy Garcia, Hillary Duff, Zac Efron and lots of others hang here.

“It’s no surprise because you can throw a rock and hit Warner Brothers studios. Universal is up on the hill, Disney is just down the street. NBC is here as well, though, sadly, The Tonight Show has moved to New York.

“But, Leno still drives his exotic cars along the back streets of town.
jay leno in car
“The main drag running through Toluca Lake is Riverside Drive.

“At the East end of this little community of creativity is what is probably the most famous single burger joint in the country – Bob’s Big Boy.

“Built in 1949, and named after the first double-patty burger, Bob’s still has car-hops on weekends and every Friday afternoon and evening their parking lot fills with classic cars – everything from ’55 Chevys to 32 deuce coupes.

Bob's Big Boy

“The place looks like the parking lot of my old high school.

“The Beatles had burgers there in ’65. Really.

“Starbucks is right next to Bob’s – so close that when I’m in there enjoying some soft scrambled eggs topped with parmesan cheese at 3 am writing one of these articles, I can pick up the wi-fi signal from next door.

“But Bob’s Big Boy isn’t the story here. Neither is Starbucks.

RAWkin Juice Vibrations

Adjacent to Starbucks is the new kid in town. It’s called RAWkin Juice (

rawkin juice “I drove by it a few times after it opened. There is a Robeks two blocks down Riverside, and my first thought was how does a new stand-alone juice boutique compete with a national brand like Robeks. I was curious and finally went in.

“Once inside, the difference was obvious: everything is raw and organic. There is a long juice bar, where you can sit. They have a very focused offering: organic fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, salads…and desserts.

“For one thing, Robeks fruits and veggies are not organic, a big deal for those of the health conscious crowd – about 90% of the inhabitants of La-La land.

“But that is not the point of the article. The point is the clever positioning RAWkin Juice uses for the brand. Remember, positioning ties your product or service to something already in the mind.

“RAWkin Juice ties their products to music – the ‘Good Vibrations’ one gets from organic juices and smoothies tie to the good vibrations of music.

“They have a positioning image of a guitar (made of fruits and vegetables).

rawkin guitar

“And look how cleverly their copy forwards their position.

“‘Vibrations of Life
Tune up your system

Live, organic, farm-fresh raw vegetables and fruits have natural vibrational frequencies. They can be destroyed by heat, speed or hard processes. RAWkin’ Juice protects and preserves the source of plant energy transferring its fresh vibrations to you.’


“‘RAWkin’ Juice is…
like music for your body, mind and spirit
When you listen to music, vibrations enter your ear and go into your brain. The frequency of music affects how you feel. Fresh, raw plants also produce vibrations that resonate with your internal system.’


“‘We make “music” for your mouth.’


“Their menu, titled ‘Fresh Vibrations’, and all of the menu items, have funky names tied to music. Take a look. (You have to go to the main site and then click the “menu” icon.)

“And of course Rawkin is a very clever play on ‘Rockin’.

“I talked to one of the partners when I went in. He said they had been inundated with business from the studios. No surprise. Filming – TV or movies – requires long, demanding hours. These drinks have a seriously healthy kick to them.

“I had a ‘Hemp Notes’ – hemp seeds, mango, banana, kale, parsley, dates, spirulina, chorella, spring water – and wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day.

“The owners are intending to open 10 of these around LA. Properly managed, they will find stunning success; they have a first-class product and a great brand riding on a clever position.

“How about you? Does your brand/position have good vibrations?

“If not, we can help you create one.

“After all, positioning creates ‘want’ for products, and drives sales.”



“(Before On-Target Research)… I was only seeing 40 to 50 new patients a month. After On-Target… we have averaged over 100 new patients a month, with a high of 132! (With a 50% rise in income).” — M. B, D.D.S.

Interested? Call us.

Ronald Joseph Kule

Research Target Group

(727) 215-2125


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Using 10 Essential Selling Skills

Using 10 Essential Selling Skills

What Was Created in 1898 Can Help You Today

In one sentence one of the world’s most prolific writers and respected administrators, explains the entire rationale for why salespeople are important to any business concern anywhere in any economy:

“The skill of the salesman is devoted to enhancing the desire and value in the eyes of the buyer and obtaining adequate payment.” — L. Ron Hubbard, from an article entitled “Group Sanity.”

This can be broken down to using 10 essential selling skills.

Goods and services, contrary to opinion, do not sell themselves. Madison Avenue advertising agencies, part of a multi-billion dollar sales activity, attempt to deliver messages that make product sales occur.

Even if only to develop viral, word-of-mouth recommendations from one person to another or others, advertising campaigns require someone to write the copy that will persuade viewers or listeners to understand the values of certain goods and services and want them.

However, the communication that brings people to purchase offered goods and services, is the exclusive domain of the individual salesperson. The confident exchange of goods and services for adequate payment makes the state of the world’s different economies dependent largely upon, one by one, a single salespeople and his/her using 10 essential selling skills.

Madison Avenue copy writers and the world’s salespeople, therefore, work in conjunction with each other to create not only a demand for, but also sales of, certain goods and services.

1800’s Formula Still Relevant Today

Advertising Hall of Fame inductee E. St. Elmo Lewis developed an advertising-copy formula in 1898, which swept through the American sales industry across for three decades before it fell out of use from being too popular, having losing its exclusive identity. Lewis’ formula, enhanced and improved with the addition of an author-developed training regimen that includes drills that enhance using 10 essential selling skills, is found in the acclaimed book, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE, by author Ronald Joseph Kule.Front Cover 6 Revised LMSM The lack of having, knowing, and applying correct, basic definitions and data regarding sales and selling IS the root of all sales failure. Inadequate practical drills for practice exacerbate the problem. In LISTEN MORE SELL MORE the reader learns:

  1. what sales actually IS.
  2. how to overcome fear of selling.
  3. the reason why a salesperson cannot apply what he learns
  4. how to get a sales message across to a prospect.
  5. what prevents a prospect from buying your product.
  6. what makes a prospect want your product.
  7. what people really buy! (Hint: it’s NOT your product!)
  8. when to speak and when to listen.
  9. how NOT to sell.
  10. how to WIN at selling.

About the Author Ronald Joseph Kule

Ronald Joseph Kule sold a variety of goods and services over 39 years. He tripled his newspaper route as a pre-teen. As a teenager, he earned more tips than the floor waitresses in a restaurant, while concurrently running a 21-seat food counter and building desserts for the wait staff. He also started a successful lawn-mowing service, which he expanded 5X.

He has sold door-to-door, B2C and B2B in-person and online, cold-calling and on-appointment, and to financial services business owners, presidents and boards of directors in offices and boardrooms across all 48 contiguous states and six Canadian provinces. Total sales were tens of millions of dollars.

He ranked among the Top Five for every company he represented, working exclusively on straight-commission for his entire career.

In his last sales position, he assisted an international marketing and sales company’s expansion from $200,000 annual sales to over $10,000,000, while earning Number One in Sales for 18 years in a row.

Along his way, Kule trained hundreds of salespeople on his successful selling approach that includes the 10 essential selling skills. This eventually became the basis for his sales training books and acclaimed sales training workshops delivered on contract to groups and companies worldwide.

Three earlier training books are available online at and

Today, Kule writes and publishes books, delivers one-day sales training workshops, and writes blogs for two companies.

Under the aegis of his market research company, Research Target Group, he consults on contract to businesses that need and want excellent market research, surveys and positioning. The services of On-Target Research, an international firm with 27 years of experience and stellar statistics, are used in delivery.

Learn to sell using 10 essential selling skills, better and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Buy and read “LISTEN MORE SELL MORE.”

© 2014 by Ronald Joseph Kule and KuleBooks LLC. All Rights Reserved.