Haunted Robots



Robotics technology lab director Dr. Oren Stanton, murdered, discovers that life goes on after body death. Sucked into one of the robot bodies, his contact with women he knew before his “death,” leads to in-fighting between those who believe he is alive and those who do not. Some of those intelligent, voluptuous women are advanced-body androids – human beings running bodies created by an heretofore unknown alien race with an agenda for Earth.

The takeaway is a set of three questions: Is organic birth and death our only choice? Is there more to Life than meets the human eye? Are we immortal beings?

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“I just read Haunted Robots by James Warner & Ron Kulewhich took me to the edge of my chair again and again. This fast-paced story got under my skin, and explored what was “under” the skins of robots, androids and military types. It is a classic battle of who takes control of the future and leads us to answers about who we all really are! Good science fiction grabs the reader and takes you on a journey of unexpected twists, deep characters, rich imagery, and Haunted Robot delivers in abundance. It confronts the dilemma of interactions between human and robot, and war machines versus help. An entertaining read that may keep you up at night.” — Tracy Repchuk, 7-Time #1 International Amazon.com Best Selling Author and Top Woman Speaker in the World Online Business Strategy


Haunted Robots is an unusual and often whimsical story of a disparate group of characters, android and otherwise, who find themselves drawn together in a race to uncover and flee from a black-ops-type conspiracy involving unknown shadowy agencies. Definitely thought-provoking and decently entertaining.” – Anthony Wells, U.K. musician

“Isaac Asimov meets Dan Brown in a philosophical thriller challenging, ‘Who are we?’ A thought-provoking look at one of mankind’s oldest riddles. A terrific read.” – Darcey Hollingsworth, Entrepreneur, Avid Reader – Clearwater, FL


“Very intriguing. Love the plot and how it promises good, fast reading right from the start. I was taken into a world I intend to stay in all the way to the back cover and possibly beyond.” – Billie Wegmann, Executive Director – Celebrity Centre, Munich, Germany


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The co-authors:



James P Warner started from less than humble beginnings: his birth-mother, a troubled showgirl, left him on a park bench in Barstow, California. He was rescued by a nurse and her husband, who fell in love with him and took him home. He attended the University of Southern California and California State Universities Fullerton and Northridge. He served in the U.S. Army and was honorably discharged as a Vietnam-era veteran. He married his high-school sweetheart in Azusa, California, raised two children, and has another daughter living in Los Angeles. Mixing his romantic adventures with strong science interests, he now produces science-fiction books, instead of babies.


Born in Bogotá, Colombia, of Polish-American and Colombian-Chilean parentage, Kule grew up among a growing number of siblings – eight eventually – in a cramped, suburban house in Pennsylvania. He came to appreciate ethnic values and cultural differences by direct observation of disparate social classes and living conditions in Colombia, Peru, Chile; several European and Eastern bloc countries; Communist China and Russia; and North America, including the 48 contiguous American states, Hawaii, and eight provinces of Canada.
The author’s heritage paint-brushed a wanderlust onto his life-canvas, which led him to travel in 35 countries and perform keynote-speaker engagements in 17.
Kule laughs often and portrays a wide range of emotions just for fun. He considers helping other people to feel happier or more enlightened for having met him, important. He prefers early “organic” jazz, likes to admire beautiful women and watch competent people create their best work, especially artists. He enjoys ice-cream, writing biographies and fiction, ghostwriting, drawing and painting.
“If you curl up with my books and find yourself emotionally breathless, intellectually provoked, inspired, changed, informed and satisfied, I have done my job,” Kule states as his purpose.
Currently, he lives and works from Clearwater, Florida.

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Ronald Joseph Kule

Dr. Oren Stanson, the Director of a robotics technology and manufacturing facility, is murdered. Yet, he discovers that life goes on after body death. After getting sucked into one of the robot bodies, his repartee with former employees, among them the women that he knew, leads to in-fighting between those who want warfighter-only robots, and those who wish more commercial-use robots. Stanson’s nemesis, Brigadier-General Roger Rogers, not only kills off Stanson’s robot, but also gets “killed,” forcing him to take another robot body. All hell breaks loose. When the good guys become marked targets of the bad guys, it’s kill or be killed. The kicker is that some of the intelligent, voluptuous women Stanson knew turn out to be advanced-body-type androids – beings running bodies created by an alien race with a hidden agenda about Earth’s future. The takeaway is a set of two questions: Is organic birth and “death” our only choice? Or are there more choices than meet the human eye?

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How To Write A Biography

How To Get Started:

First, the Idea

I had come to the conclusion that no one else was going to write about the life of Friedemann Paul Erhardt (a.k.a culinary icon CHEF TELL) and that I better do something about  that. After all, he had been my brother-in-law.

I was not sure that writing his life-story was a worthy endeavor — family and friends were in opposite camps about the man: some loved him, others hated him. I just wanted to research the facts and decide for myself.

In December of 2011, one of my sisters, Bunny Erhardt, widowed since Chef had passed away in 2007, granted my request for access to her friends and acquaintances. She gave me permission to write the first Chef Tell biography.

Embarked on my quest to discover whether this man was worthy of my time or not, I developed a three-part outline loosely fitted to the early, middle and later years of his lifetime.  As the work progressed, data gathered on my desk and on sheets of papers surrounding my desk, fitted into corresponding sections of that outline. Eventually, a timeline list of major events in Tell’s life took shape and became the backbone to my body of work.

As people’s names popped up, I jotted these down, notching a mark each time the same name appeared more than once. The resultant list directed me to individuals who would become subjects of interviews that, I hoped, would provide personal anecdotes, as well as qualify the data, which, by now, were adding up to conflicting accounts.

Fact and fiction overlapped more than a few times. These were not proverbial “truth is stranger than fiction” mishaps; either the subject of my book had lied to the press, or journalists had researched poorly their magazine and newsprint articles, or not at all. Sifting actual facts from a widespread panoply of published falsehoods circulated among articles, media interviews, and the chef himself, became the hardest part of the task!

My Virgin Interview

My first in-person interview was in the Philadelphia administrative office of Chef Georges Perrier, a contemporary of Chef Tell and one of the Top Five, premier French chefs in America. Perrier had agreed to 15 minutes only — not much time to request more than a simple, “Tell me, chef, what was important about Chef Tell?” If any more time would pass, I would wing it by following my instincts.

I had never conducted a live interview with anyone before. Working in international marketing sales (to support my writing aspirations) I had met and sold products and services to many top business executives in the financial and healthcare industries for over 18 years, but this would be my first live interview as an “Author.”

The questions I asked were never a part of my notes, and Perrier was a wonderful interview. He waxed on about his friendship with Tell as I wrote highlights on my pad of paper. My small recorder captured the actual phrases and nuanced details for later playback. I prodded infrequently and only to let Perrier loose. In the end, more than an hour had passed us by. We hugged, perhaps with a hint of tears in our eyes, because Perrier had not known that Janet Louise Nicoletti, Tell’s fiancee when the two chefs first met, had overdosed and died years earlier. Perrier’s summation of the woman said it all succinctly,
“Mon dieu, I did not know this. I knew this woman; she was simply tall, bright and beautiful.”

Later, having shelled out a twenty-dollar bill to retrieve my rented car from the union-run, Philly parking garage, I made a mental note to bring enough change to feed the street meters at future interview meetings. That evening I rewarded myself with an authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwich for making it through what I thought would be the worst of my gauntlet of interviews for this book.

Now I was proud that I had struck out on this course. Perrier, a man at the top of his profession — the same as Chef Tell — had confided to me two significant morsels:
Chef Tell was a giant of a man. I miss him. I loved him,” and “You know, maybe I’ll have you write my biography, because I like you. But, of course, it would be a very naughty book!”
(Perrier’s remark, though it made us both laugh, had served to break the ice between us early on and opened a more intimate repartee; it also gave me a reason to respond with,
“Georges, perhaps you should wait until you read my book; you may not think I can write well.”)

Each subsequent interview, each fork in the road, each turn, hill and valley on the path I took to find new information about whether I would love or hate the man who had been Chef Tell,moved me inexorably toward its own conclusion.

http://bit.ly/ChefsBiographyThe detailed story, sprinkled among never-before-released photos and Chef Tell recipes, is recorded in CHEF TELL The Biography of America’s Pioneer TV Showman Chef, the 452-page book published by Skyhorse Publishing (NYC) and available online and in bookstores in hardback, eBook and AudioBook formats. Forewords are by Emmy-winning TV hosts Regis Philbin and Chef Walter Staib.
* * *

 “WOW is a great start! This is a wonderful account of one man’s voyage and how in so many ways every reader will connect with something.  It is engaging, and takes you through all the emotions of life, leaving you to decide what is next for you, and how you will make the most of your today – it’s a testament of the human spirit.”—Tracy Repchuk, #1 Amazon.com Best Selling Author and Top Woman Speaker in the World Online Business Strategy

* * *
Ronald Joseph Kule is an internationally published author/biographer/ghostwriter who writes non-fiction and fiction across several genres. Readers consider his work as five-star quality. Contact the author by emailing to KuleBooksLLC@gmail.com.

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Using 10 Essential Selling Skills

Using 10 Essential Selling Skills

What Was Created in 1898 Can Help You Today

In one sentence one of the world’s most prolific writers and respected administrators, explains the entire rationale for why salespeople are important to any business concern anywhere in any economy:

“The skill of the salesman is devoted to enhancing the desire and value in the eyes of the buyer and obtaining adequate payment.” — L. Ron Hubbard, from an article entitled “Group Sanity.”

This can be broken down to using 10 essential selling skills.

Goods and services, contrary to opinion, do not sell themselves. Madison Avenue advertising agencies, part of a multi-billion dollar sales activity, attempt to deliver messages that make product sales occur.

Even if only to develop viral, word-of-mouth recommendations from one person to another or others, advertising campaigns require someone to write the copy that will persuade viewers or listeners to understand the values of certain goods and services and want them.

However, the communication that brings people to purchase offered goods and services, is the exclusive domain of the individual salesperson. The confident exchange of goods and services for adequate payment makes the state of the world’s different economies dependent largely upon, one by one, a single salespeople and his/her using 10 essential selling skills.

Madison Avenue copy writers and the world’s salespeople, therefore, work in conjunction with each other to create not only a demand for, but also sales of, certain goods and services.

1800’s Formula Still Relevant Today

Advertising Hall of Fame inductee E. St. Elmo Lewis developed an advertising-copy formula in 1898, which swept through the American sales industry across for three decades before it fell out of use from being too popular, having losing its exclusive identity. Lewis’ formula, enhanced and improved with the addition of an author-developed training regimen that includes drills that enhance using 10 essential selling skills, is found in the acclaimed book, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE, by author Ronald Joseph Kule.Front Cover 6 Revised LMSM The lack of having, knowing, and applying correct, basic definitions and data regarding sales and selling IS the root of all sales failure. Inadequate practical drills for practice exacerbate the problem. In LISTEN MORE SELL MORE the reader learns:

  1. what sales actually IS.
  2. how to overcome fear of selling.
  3. the reason why a salesperson cannot apply what he learns
  4. how to get a sales message across to a prospect.
  5. what prevents a prospect from buying your product.
  6. what makes a prospect want your product.
  7. what people really buy! (Hint: it’s NOT your product!)
  8. when to speak and when to listen.
  9. how NOT to sell.
  10. how to WIN at selling.

About the Author Ronald Joseph Kule

Ronald Joseph Kule sold a variety of goods and services over 39 years. He tripled his newspaper route as a pre-teen. As a teenager, he earned more tips than the floor waitresses in a restaurant, while concurrently running a 21-seat food counter and building desserts for the wait staff. He also started a successful lawn-mowing service, which he expanded 5X.

He has sold door-to-door, B2C and B2B in-person and online, cold-calling and on-appointment, and to financial services business owners, presidents and boards of directors in offices and boardrooms across all 48 contiguous states and six Canadian provinces. Total sales were tens of millions of dollars.

He ranked among the Top Five for every company he represented, working exclusively on straight-commission for his entire career.

In his last sales position, he assisted an international marketing and sales company’s expansion from $200,000 annual sales to over $10,000,000, while earning Number One in Sales for 18 years in a row.

Along his way, Kule trained hundreds of salespeople on his successful selling approach that includes the 10 essential selling skills. This eventually became the basis for his sales training books and acclaimed sales training workshops delivered on contract to groups and companies worldwide.

Three earlier training books are available online at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.

Today, Kule writes and publishes books, delivers one-day sales training workshops, and writes blogs for two companies.

Under the aegis of his market research company, Research Target Group, he consults on contract to businesses that need and want excellent market research, surveys and positioning. The services of On-Target Research, an international firm with 27 years of experience and stellar statistics, are used in delivery.

Learn to sell using 10 essential selling skills, better and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Buy and read “LISTEN MORE SELL MORE.”

© 2014 by Ronald Joseph Kule and KuleBooks LLC. All Rights Reserved.

South Carolina Gamecocks Baseball History Book

Against the context of our nation’s and South Carolina’s struggles to attain assured freedoms of equality and choice co-authors J David Miller and Ronald Joseph Kule chronicle the rise of one of college baseball’s best-known programs, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.

cover 2Beginning with a brief history of the game of baseball itself, the narrative picks up the “Fighting Gamecocks” baseball program at its austere beginning in 1892. It then rumbles through a briar patch made without uniforms or gloves and no set number of players on the field — then a square field, not a diamond. What followed for decades was a musical-chairs switching of several part-time coaches, including more than one football coach wearing two hats!

When award-winning football coach (the late) Paul Dietzel, acting as Athletics Director, makes the crucial decision to bring in the retiring Hall of Fame Yankee Bobby Richardson as the university’s first full-time baseball coach — albeit without his having any previous coaching experience — he sends a signal flare of commitment to excellence over a campus without such a tradition. The result is  a long string of winning seasons. 

The String Continues…

Richardson moves on after seven seasons, but then his groomed protege, June Raines, takes over and nearly wins the coveted baseball national championship that his mentor sought in his time at the helm. Raines moves over for a newly acquired, North Carolina native, Ray Tanner, who eventually does lead the Gamecocks to back-to-back NCAA College Baseball World Series championships in 2010 and 2011.

The book’s progression from the early days of ignominy through the growing pains and turnstile rotations of personnel and players, as well as their struggles, hopes, and dreams — some fulfilled and some dashed forever, plays out its lines with meticulously researched and magnificent text. Full-color action photos add to the tale of this timeless story.

A Book for All Ages…

Miller and Kule designed their book for both older and younger generations of past and up and coming baseball fans who love the game at any level. In their work we find that the lessons of baseball as played by the Gamecocks, turn out to be the life lessons that help everyone face each day on and off their own playing fields, making Pressure Makes Diamonds a Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime a to-be-cherished asset suitable not only for Gamecock Nation bookshelves, but also those of sports fans dedicated to any other school.

NOTE WELL: The eBook edition is available through Amazon.com. The hard-copy, real baseball leather-covered, Limited-Edition version, entitled Carolina Baseball: Pressure Makes Diamonds, may be purchased through The Ray Tanner Foundation. These books are numbered and are only available until supplies run out.

Miracle League™ Ballparks…

Miracle League Collage

Ask the authors about volume-purchase prices for the Limited Edition version. All purchases of either the eBook or Limited Editions contribute to the funding and building of a Miracle League ballpark in Columbia, South Carolina. Miracle League fields permit children with physical challenges to play baseball for the first time and the rest of their lives. Contact the authors by email through KuleBooksLLC@gmail.com by writing “Miracle League” in the subject line.

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Master Chef Recipes to Cook at Home – Biography eBook and DVD offer

Each Christmas season, like most chefs, Chef Tell worked his a** off. However, after the holiday was done, every year, he went out and bought all of the newest cookbooks in bookstores and online… and proceeded to study them to stay up with the latest technologies and trends. Additionally, he studied culinary reference books from libraries to sharpen his skills constantly. Thus, Chef Tell became an “overnight success” in America: the most popular TV chef of his time with a fan base of 40,000,000 Baby Boomers — about eight times larger than Julia Child’s. According to TV host Regis Philbin, “Chef Tell started all this television madness about chefs.” Iron Chef Cat Cora wrote, “Chef Tell was a man of great humor and incredible skills in the kitchen. He brought wonderful food to the table as well as love and laughter. The author did an impeccable job bringing to life Chef’s humor and passion for food.” The Philadelphia Inquirer  food writer, Elaine Tait, wrote, “Chef Tell is America’s Paul Bocuse, and the only TV chef whose food always tastes good.” To know more about this German-American iconic personality, and his fascinating life story of overcoming one obstacle after another, go to any online site and pick up a copy of his biography in either hard copy, eBook or audiobook format. Here are some links for those: http://bit.ly/168KfX8 for the audiobook http://bit.ly/156n6oQ for Barnes & Noble hard copies http://amzn.to/15MSoAV for amazon eBook CHEF TELL The Biography of America’s Pioneer TV Showman Chef by Ronald Joseph Kule, forewords by Regis Philbin and Chef Walter Staib, is 452 pages with 70 photos and seven NEW recipes, and contains a DVD offer for home cooks to watch Chef Tell teach cooking different cuisine dishes right on your TV, computer or media player. FOR AUTHOR-SIGNED COPIES OF THE HARD-COPY BOOK go to the author’s website.

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