Haunted Robots



Robotics technology lab director Dr. Oren Stanton, murdered, discovers that life goes on after body death. Sucked into one of the robot bodies, his contact with women he knew before his “death,” leads to in-fighting between those who believe he is alive and those who do not. Some of those intelligent, voluptuous women are advanced-body androids – human beings running bodies created by an heretofore unknown alien race with an agenda for Earth.

The takeaway is a set of three questions: Is organic birth and death our only choice? Is there more to Life than meets the human eye? Are we immortal beings?

AVAILABLE ONLINE AT AMAZON.COM and http://haunted-robots-sci-fi.myshopify.com


“I just read Haunted Robots by James Warner & Ron Kulewhich took me to the edge of my chair again and again. This fast-paced story got under my skin, and explored what was “under” the skins of robots, androids and military types. It is a classic battle of who takes control of the future and leads us to answers about who we all really are! Good science fiction grabs the reader and takes you on a journey of unexpected twists, deep characters, rich imagery, and Haunted Robot delivers in abundance. It confronts the dilemma of interactions between human and robot, and war machines versus help. An entertaining read that may keep you up at night.” — Tracy Repchuk, 7-Time #1 International Amazon.com Best Selling Author and Top Woman Speaker in the World Online Business Strategy


Haunted Robots is an unusual and often whimsical story of a disparate group of characters, android and otherwise, who find themselves drawn together in a race to uncover and flee from a black-ops-type conspiracy involving unknown shadowy agencies. Definitely thought-provoking and decently entertaining.” – Anthony Wells, U.K. musician

“Isaac Asimov meets Dan Brown in a philosophical thriller challenging, ‘Who are we?’ A thought-provoking look at one of mankind’s oldest riddles. A terrific read.” – Darcey Hollingsworth, Entrepreneur, Avid Reader – Clearwater, FL


“Very intriguing. Love the plot and how it promises good, fast reading right from the start. I was taken into a world I intend to stay in all the way to the back cover and possibly beyond.” – Billie Wegmann, Executive Director – Celebrity Centre, Munich, Germany


For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/hauntedrobotsbook/

The co-authors:



James P Warner started from less than humble beginnings: his birth-mother, a troubled showgirl, left him on a park bench in Barstow, California. He was rescued by a nurse and her husband, who fell in love with him and took him home. He attended the University of Southern California and California State Universities Fullerton and Northridge. He served in the U.S. Army and was honorably discharged as a Vietnam-era veteran. He married his high-school sweetheart in Azusa, California, raised two children, and has another daughter living in Los Angeles. Mixing his romantic adventures with strong science interests, he now produces science-fiction books, instead of babies.


Born in Bogotá, Colombia, of Polish-American and Colombian-Chilean parentage, Kule grew up among a growing number of siblings – eight eventually – in a cramped, suburban house in Pennsylvania. He came to appreciate ethnic values and cultural differences by direct observation of disparate social classes and living conditions in Colombia, Peru, Chile; several European and Eastern bloc countries; Communist China and Russia; and North America, including the 48 contiguous American states, Hawaii, and eight provinces of Canada.
The author’s heritage paint-brushed a wanderlust onto his life-canvas, which led him to travel in 35 countries and perform keynote-speaker engagements in 17.
Kule laughs often and portrays a wide range of emotions just for fun. He considers helping other people to feel happier or more enlightened for having met him, important. He prefers early “organic” jazz, likes to admire beautiful women and watch competent people create their best work, especially artists. He enjoys ice-cream, writing biographies and fiction, ghostwriting, drawing and painting.
“If you curl up with my books and find yourself emotionally breathless, intellectually provoked, inspired, changed, informed and satisfied, I have done my job,” Kule states as his purpose.
Currently, he lives and works from Clearwater, Florida.

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