Ronald Joseph Kule

Buy an author-inscribed soft-cover copyCarlos Almarón is about to pop the question.  Instead, he is dumped, pushing him into a confused and nearly fatal tailspin.  Devastated, smoldering in the ruins of his loss, he yearns to know why he has once again lost at love.

Only with the help of a sympathetic friend and her late husband’s marriage journal and romance novels does he begin to understand how to recover, and what are the keys true love and real romance.

Almarón’s adventurous research takes him back to the era of knighthood and courtly love, dredging up old memories.  His daydreams and nightmares forcibly recount his pubescent trials with sexual awakening and sophomoric escapades with the opposite sex, while awakening deeply embedded thoughts about ethics, relationships, and a jumbled mix of emotions he cannot easily escape.


Carmela Ariana, Almarón’s lifelong, platonic friend weathers a far different gauntlet of sexual and romantic hardships arguably more difficult than his.

A victim of fatherly abuse, she rebounds through several partners, including a connection she has kept secret from Almarón: her intimate relationship with her beautiful, college roommate Emily Logano, a Mafioso’s daughter… also Almarón’s would-be fiancée!

Emily’s murder – known only to Carmela at first – is the catalyst that brings the two friends together under difficult circumstances.

In the wake of these events, Almarón and Ariana seek answers about life and love, but for different reasons.  Working together, they uncover not only what happened the night his plan for marriage spun to a jarring halt and how and why Emily lost her life, but also a portal that brings Cupid to each of them… when and where they least expect love.


Almarón’s and Ariana’s journey to love is a microcosm of anyone’s uncharted pathway from childhood through puberty to sexually active adulthood and the sanctity of real romance, true love and marriage.

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love is a rollicking, thought-provoking and emotional roller-coaster ride, and a five-star read for both women and men!

© 2015 by Ronald Joseph Kule and KuleBooks LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Baseball Book: Pressure Makes Diamonds A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime


Pressure Makes Diamonds

A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime

PMD ebook cover


“Gamecocks baseball – University of South Carolina baseball – is where pressure makes diamonds.  On June 30, 2010, the Gamecocks won their first, major-sport national championship after enduring 119 tumultuous years of college baseball.

“It was a long time coming.

“In 1892, tough ‘College Boys’ known as The Fighting Gamecocks played baseball for the sheer love of the game: the university had no budget for uniforms, travel or baseball gloves.

“In 2010, the stellar notes of extra-inning comebacks, spectacular defensive plays and Blake Cooper’s unexpected, for-the-ages, complete-game, College World Series performance rang loud and clear one Nebraska evening, and aired on national television on ESPN.

Pressure Makes Diamonds A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime pursues and reveals the personal agonies, demoralizing fears, abject failures, daring roles and almost-forgotten accomplishments of historic roster, storied Gamecocks players, among them…

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