Energy Drinks, Nutritional Products and Residual Income

Energy Drinks, Nutritional Products and Residual Income

The Tree of Life

At a time when we were practically broke and we had to find some new work, we found a fairly new company that looked like a good opportunity for us.  We would have to bootstrap our way back up the ladder of success, because we had just lost our jobs in 2009.  After 18 years at Number One in Sales, we had been canned without warning… with an email!

We had no choice but to start and work hard — that, or starve.

We were, however, excited, too.  We liked the new work and liked that we could help others in our situation.  Our team became like a family.

We were all getting a bit healthier, too, because our products were nutritionals that not only tasted good, they were packed with healthy ingredients and added value.

We are still with the company in 2015.  Their name means “Tree of Life;” in Brazilian Portuguese that’s “Mona Vie.”

Mona Vie’s larger family of independent distributors produced sales in excess of one billion dollars in record time, less than five years from start-up.  The reasons were the products worked, tasted good, had excellent testing behind them, and the compensation plan was attractive.  Today, Mona Vie is a worldwide success story that we’re proud to remain an active part of.

Your Opportunity

At one time we were broke but not broken…first selfie!

  • If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to food supplies in stores…
  • if you want a better energy pick-me-up than highly sprayed, contaminated coffees and teas…
  • if you want to manage your weight and fitness naturally…
  • if you are looking and open to an extra income opportunity in which you set your own goals and hours…

… we would be happy to help you learn more about the “tree of life” lifeline that we discovered when we needed to find one.

We haven’t made a fortune with what we do part-time with MonaVie, but we feel fortunate that we can assist our own health and that we can help others with nutritional products and an opportunity that we understand and believe in.

If you just want healthy products for you and your family, we have products.

If you have work or income questions, we have some answers and help to give.

All you have to do is reach out, just like we did back in 2009, when we were practically broke.


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