Pressure Makes Diamonds A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime

Pressure Makes Diamonds A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime


David Miller and Ronald Joseph Kule

Reviews from readers and sports celebrities all agree:

“This book is a great read full of timeless life lessons and riveting baseball! Excellent for Christmas!”

“If you’re a University of South Carolina baseball fan, or if you have an affiliation with the school or the state, this is a must read.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  It is well-written, thought provoking and has a treasury of diamonds unearthed.  I’m humbled and honored to be included in the book.  Go Gamecocks.” — Bobby Richardson, regaled New York Yankee superstar and former head coach at Carolina

“I’m not a baseball guy, but reading this made me care about baseball; and made me a fan of Ray Tanner and especially South Carolina baseball.” — Ken Dunek, former tight end, two-time winner of USFL Championship with Philadelphia Stars; Editor In Chief of JerseyMan and PhillyMan magazines

cover 2“Championships don’t come easily.  To be a champion on the field and off, like Coach Ray Tanner is, provides encouragement to those of us who coach young people.  Pressure Makes Diamonds … will change your life!” — June Jones, former Hawaii and SMU head football coach

“Wow! An inspiring story of a team that makes the word, ‘persevere’ a rallying cry for all who read it.  Be encouraged and be ready to cheer!” — Randy Winton, Author of In My Shoes

“Not since reading The Mighty Casey at Bat at age 10 have I been as visually transfixed by a literary sports battleground.  The very real and colorful descriptions of Carolina’s ‘Wild West’ showdown in Omaha pulled me in.  Miller and Kule captured me from the first line of Pressure Makes Diamonds A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime.” — Derek Britt, award-winning Producer/Director

“Every boy in America should be so lucky as to be coached by Ray Tanner.  It’s like your driver’s license: it’s a privilege, not a right.  I’m an Alabama fan, but while reading this book I had to cheer for South Carolina baseball.”  — Adam Robinson, Sports Editor, The Brewton Standard