Brazil’s Epic Loss: A Lesson For Entrepreneurs

The following is a blog posted by a friend, Edwin Dearborn.

Brazil’s Epic Loss: A Lesson For Entrepreneurs

If you follow the World Cup, you just witnessed the most epic loss ever between Brazil and Germany. It serves as a lesson to any entrepreneur. Home field advantage, supportive fans and tons of emotion did not bring home the win.

What Germany brought to the game was a system based on precision. They executed an effective system, a plan. Germany did not primarily rely on hopeful visions or positive feelings, which is common with entrepreneurs, but with a well-drilled system that was executed with precision.

The number of business failures, which some experts cite as over 50% within their first 2 years, is because most businesses launch with lots of enthusiasm and hopes and that’s about it. But very few arrive to the game with business processes and policies that are proven to deliver results, even when applied in a hostile environment that wants you to lose.

Precision Trumps Emotion

Now matter how “psyched up” you get, eventually you will need to develop systems and patterns that overcome barriers, the competition, as well as your own limitations. Business processes and successful policies, uniformly enforced, will always trump and team that is completely excited and committed.

While enthusiasm and commitment are an absolute must, these will wane and become lost when you encounter a series of challenges. Systems, known and enforced programs, effective policies, and clearly delineated business process, will always win the day. This is how enthusiasm and commitment can continue to grow.


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