How to Save America… Again

America Is Made Up of Sovereign Individuals

Someone highjacked the free exchange of goods and services worldwide. A small group called the Bank of International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland (BIS) thinks the world owes them a living. Or that the rest of us need a “license to survive” issued by them.bis

Unfortunately, “lifer” Congressional Representatives and Senators are beholden to BIS interests today, not the interests  of their constituencies or America. Just because we elect our officials does not mean they come to office knowing what is good for the country.  It doesn’t mean they’re smart, gifted or have workable ideas. It only means that they got elected, preferably for a term-limited time in office.

Lifers are letting our tax dollars get tossed away to a handful of bankers, which has not reined in its collective criminal impulse to own and rule the world’s resources and manipulate world events toward their own self-righteous ends. This is grossly wrong-headed.

Rewarding non-production or the creation of criminal products (de-stabilized, paralyzed or war-torn economies, for example) begets more non-production. Rewarding worthwhile production, producers, and needed andwanted improvements always results in increased, worthwhile production and expansion of consumer confidence and, thus, economics.

Prosperity uplifts all of us living on this planet.

Plain stupidity and personal greed apparently drive Congressional lifers to waste financial resources and permit the usurpation from the sweaty brows of American wage-earners the fruits of their labor through an arbitrary, inefficient and regressive income-tax system. If taxes need be collected, there are more efficient, less costly, less onerous ways to accomplish the task. There are 50 states that can collect a federal sales tax which can replace any income-based taxation, while saving enormous amount of wasted costs and increasing the intake when every purchase includes the tax (Versus the current grey and black markets avoiding any taxation.)

Something More Sinister?

Perhaps, however, something more sinister than stupidity is going on here. Do Lifers want to bring America to its knees because they secretly adhere to the policies of the BIS? Are they afraid of losing their personal positions of power? Having lost sight of doing what is best for America — letting new waves of leadership take the reins — are they awaiting covert handouts from the BIS? Are our leaders being blackmailed, chained to the BIS by threatened disclosure of private sins of commission or omission?

countries controlled by the BIS

countries controlled by the BIS (blue)

Whatever the reasons or the cause, no person ought to try to lift his or her self above the natural destiny and needs of our, or any other, nation. Ever.

Firsthand Knowledge

I visited Russia and China well before the changes that came in the 1990’s.  I saw firsthand how Communism and Socialism could not stand on their own; how they did not create or even sustain the idyllic (and foolish) Marxist vision of a class-less, equal-opportunity society.  The powerful Politburo executives tooled around in slick limousines and lived in mansions and ate caviar, while the bulk of the populace scraped by, enduring long lines in cold, winter weather for meager foodstuffs.

Supposedly the U.S.S.R.’s foe throughout the Cold War, in reality American leaders allied with Russia’s oppressive system by exporting surplus grain supplies bought from farmers through subsidies with strings attached. The aberrations of loose politico’s have gone on for decades, I’m afraid. Had they avoided such collusion on Constitutional principles, Russia’s communist regime would have collapsed long ago. Instead, they ignored or denied the abject, inevitable failure of communism.

WHO had the most to gain by such cabal?  An “inevitable” conclusion that the people of Earth must live under a one-world government, a one-world banking system — the aim of the BIS — was already in place long ago — put there by a select few in the late 18th century. That’s right — our forefathers fought against the same tyranny and treasonous intentions of a handful of men with objectionable goals.

Ivy League Incubation Stations

I have met and argued the subject with Ivy League graduates trained to believe in the inevitability of a one-world government and one-world economy. They think they’re right. Such chutzpah need not be called conspiracy, because all it is… is a handful of people who think they are right.

The problem is: they have the means to effect their plans. Though they are few, they only need organization. They do not care about sovereign national or individual rights. They actively work toward the end on which they agree, acting like Judge and Jury, if not God.

BIS members hold powerful positions within not only our government, but also some of our largest business concerns.  They control natural resources and our nation’s money, lately, the world’s, too.

High Noon for America is Here

high noon posterAmerica, it is High Noon: showdown time. We, the People must once again dig deep and remember the call of duty and the courage of our forefathers. We need to wake up and take back control of our nation!

The time to confront what is happening to America and the world is right now. Ignorance is not a remedy or a solution. One must reach outside the normal channels of information, question the current scene, learn more about our rights… and shed the light of day upon WHOEVER is in power and WHAT they believe is right or inevitable.

NOW is the time to consider what actually is the greatest good for America and the world. We must take the helm and change the course of our vessel.

Lifers in Congress are not our enemies, but some of them act as if they are. Stupidity, isolation from Main Street, too long on post inside the Beltway, perhaps even prescription drugs and medications prevent them from seeing what to do. Like us, they must learn more.

Some ARE enemies who have lost their way. They can yet be marginalized: removed from office.

An uneducated, stupid public body politic, like an unaware and easily distracted general public, is the greatest threat to our way of life, our freedoms and to the guarantees of our venerable Constitution.

We need to wise up as a nation of free people, while we still can. There is no freedom without responsibility; no control without knowledge. There is no resolution of our current, down-trending scene — even if manufactured by the BIS — without the triangulated strength of

  1. knowing and using the correct historical data;
  2. taking complete responsibility for enacting correct solutions without personal gain as a motive; and
  3. exercising positive control of all factors required to resolve the existing American situation, including the influence of the BIS.

Whoever owns the money supply owns the world.

There are only a few key factors to agree on and implement. These include:

  1. taking back control of the money usurped by irresponsible leaders in government begins with a relentless call for the elimination of all income-based taxation.
  2. No more taxation based on income.
  3. Vote the Lifers out of office;
  4. replace Lifers with new people who are willing to CRUSH any possibility of an income-tax system;
  5. Eliminate the private Federal Reserve System;
  6. Restore unadulterated study of the forefathers’ papers and documents in the classrooms;
  7. Mandate required peaceful service in the nation’s name for a minimum of two years service in order to enhance younger generations’ understanding and love for our nation and its Constitution.

Collecting federal tax through retail purchases is much more efficient and not at all stifling to American ingenuity compared to income taxation. With 100 percent of earned money kept in his or her pocket until he or she spends it on a purchase, purchasing power, personally and collectively as a nation, reposes in the hands and control of The People, not elected officials or a private lending institution such as the Fed is today and always was.

Without income taxes, if you don’t like what politicians do with your money, you don’t spend; you save.  That is a voting power backed by the power of control of the nation’s future money supply. If you approve their plans and projects, you spend; you buy more goods and services, you make the economy hum and grow. Even government earns more money in a good economy. Experience tells us so; the numbers do not lie.

Those who would advocate “no change”… isn’t that obvious that they do not want you in control?


The Choice Is Clear Cut

The choice is clear:  Lifers in Congress wastefully spending your dollars out of your control, which is the status-quo, or you and your fellow citizens in control.

Current Congressional and Presidential “leadership” are either STUPID OR SINISTER, and not much better is on our horizon without a real, concerted effort and social change demanded by the American people who still remember, and still want, the America our forefathers envisioned for us.

Today’s status-quo is not good enough for a free America to sustain itself without a fresh demand for change for the better and for the greatest good, which is the equality of goodness guaranteed by our Constitution.

The choice is clear about how to make America better:

  • No more lifers by enacting mandatory term limits on all political offices;
  • term limits for Supreme Court judges. The average lifespan in America today far outstrips that of yesteryear;
  • demand the burial of the income tax system in favor of a national, retail sales tax;
  • elimination of The Fed and a return to a currency minted and controlled under the auspices of our government;
  • and 100 percent of all wages controlled by The People. The People shall have the vote of their spending/saving habits in the face of what their elected representatives propose in session.

It is not that difficult to know WHAT to do, It will take a lot of courage to DO IT, but America has always had that kind of courage in spades. The task is up to us this time around.

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Three Ways to Win at Sports and Living

 the thought never crossed my mind…

… that is, until the day someone asked me about the three ways to win in sports and living.

One Sunny Afternoon…

Up to that sunny afternoon when I was in high school, I just did whatever I did without questioning how I did it. As a young tyke I lay in my crib and waited for my body to get older and larger. In my first grade-school years, I tried out for school musicals, because they seemed like something fun to do.  That I somehow won the lead roles every time was, to me, something that just happened out of my control. I never wondered why. On my first-ever football team, I got the positions that I liked playing, including “roving linebacker” (a.k.a., Monster Man) on defense and quarterback on offense. From the first position I outwitted opposing QB’s; from the latter I outwitted deep safeties with accurate passes to outstretched fingers flying past them. And therein lay my forthcoming trouble: my unerring accuracy. I could even throw left-handed more strikes than balls from Little League Baseball mounds than most of my young peers. I never gave it a thought or wondered WHY… until that fateful afternoon and question. “What was the question?” you ask. Simply this: “How come you can throw touchdowns so accurately?” I recall that it was a friend who asked me, but I cannot remember his name. A lot has changed over the years I’ve aged, including recalling certain details, like the names of my high-school chums and teammates. Sorry about that, boys.

bristol high football field

Bristol High’s gridiron

I remember that I was suited up before a game in Bristol, PA. I was tossing the ball back and forth with a teammate to warm up my arm. My helmet was on the ground, and the hot sun and gentle breeze in the air warmed the top of my head. The heat tingled through my flat-top, crew-cut hair. My first quick response to the question was, “Well, I just see the fingertips, that’s all.” That didn’t satisfy my inquirer. “Yeah, but… what do you mean you ‘see’ their fingertips?” I didn’t tell him what I looked at in my mind’s eye right then, but I was sure looking at a mental picture of my last receiving touchdown player’s fingertips! In fact, that was all I saw: just his fingertips! “I dunno. I just see the fingers and I throw the ball to them,” I said. My inquisitor shook his head, turned and walked away, muttering to himself, “There’s got to be more than that to it.” The matter wasn’t over for me by a long shot. He had opened up a question that now required an answer from within. He did not know it then, but he had changed my life forever. Sitting down on the bleachers, I re-ran my last few touchdown throws past my closed eyes. In every instance, all I saw were the fingers. Close up. More curious, I realized that all I remembered were the hands and fingertips — no peripherals of the rest of the playing field, the stands on either sides of the gridiron, the school building behind the home side, the railroad tracks and US Highway One beyond them on the visitor’s side. There were no goalposts. Only outstretched hands and fingertips, and my thrown football landing in the open palms. All close ups. I had never wondered about this and I had never thought about these things before. Now I was curious: how can this be? Why only the fingertips and why so close-up?

Average Build

fingertip catch As players go I was not above average, meaning I was only six feet tall, weighed about 176 pounds. Lanky, yet able to take a hit — or dish them out as mentioned before. I was also aware that I was fast mentally. I knew I could outwit opponents and throw footballs accurately. I called my plays that kept the other teams off-balance. I already knew all of this, but I didn’t really know WHY I was so accurate.

Childhood Memories

Looking back over my childhood, I next recalled, in a matter of seconds, a few instances which displayed this accuracy. There was the time that a bully hit me in the jaw, and I didn’t flinch. I did, however, express my anger eye-to-eye, focused like a power drill, and that caused him to turn on a dime and run away screaming in fear. Then, too, there was the time my older brother nagged me too long and too much, and I felled him with one, very accurate and forceful blow to his solar plexus. (Later, after witnessing a bullfight in Colombia, I likened my drop-over, brotherly “kill” to the accuracy of the matador who passed his sword so cleanly into one bull’s spinal cord that the heaving animal’s body went airborne instantly and fell over right on the spot. Motionless, he dropped at his killer’s feet. The matador was awarded an ear and a tail that day, and I remember thinking that someone should award me for dropping my brother similarly… at least, in spirit. My most memorable hit, however, which probably amazed me more than my siblings and friends present at the time, involved another bully in the neighborhood where we grew up. Behind our house a patch of trees and swamp-like ground that we dubbed “The Woods” was our playground. When Mom told us kids to go outside and play, she admonished us to “got play in ‘The Woods’ but not too far so I can call you for dinner.” We, therefore, spent most of our summertime days in The Woods. My day of astounding accuracy also took place in those woods. The group of us were walking near the stream that ran the length of the wooded area. Suddenly, a stone came out of nowhere and hit one of us, not me. My sister started crying, and my brother wanted to rush the kid who was trying to hide behind a tree trunk about 40 yards away. With my target in sight — did I mention there was a “Y” split in the tree trunk, about waist high? — I yelled at my brother as I stooped to pick up the nearest rock I could find, “Don’t worry, Chris, I’ll take care of this!” The stone I found was rounded and flat – the kind that was perfect for skipping on a calm pond’s glass-like water surface at least 13 times before it sank – and it fit into the natural curve between my left forefinger and my thumb as if it were designed precisely for this moment. I leaned back and came forward like a pitcher on the mound and, with one swift sweep of my arm, let the hard missile fly toward the tree and the body standing and watching us from inside the Y. My throw met its target squarely in the center of his forehead between the two trunks on either side. He cried out in pain and ran away. While my siblings and friends cheered the event I stood in silence, utterly amazed at what I had done. The odds were against anyone making that shot, but I had done it with pure intention. To this day, that throw remains one of the most triumphant moments of my childhood.

Back to Reality

Sitting on the Bristol High stadium bleacher, this is what I remembered and looked at, thinking in the back of my mind that maybe there was something unusual about my accuracy, after all. “How come you can throw touchdowns so well?” the kid had asked me. “Because I see the fingertips,” I had answered.  WHY had I said that?

BANG… And Then It Hit Me!

Then it hit me! I saw fingertips alright, but they were always CLOSE UPS! Even the guy’s body, his face in the Y of the tree, was vividly recorded in my mind as a CLOSE UP! How could that be? I asked myself. And the answer astounded me: I was out of my body in every instance, seeing my targets up close and throwing to the location of my intended targets! Suddenly, the rest also made sense to me. Why I hit that kid in the face: I was throwing to get even for the defense of my family members, and NOTHING would stop me. Why I threw out Little League batters: I threw to a catcher’s mitt which was large and right in front of me. I wanted to strike batters out. Why I felled my brother and scared off a bully: my attention was focused as sharply as a laser beam. And why I could “see” my receivers’ fingertips over the outstretched arms and hands of menacing defensive players taller and larger than I: I was THERE at the location of my intended target… every time! And I had three common factors that helped me:

  1. my FOCUS.
  2. my PURPOSE

I had been out of my body. And, given that realization, from that moment forward I have been aware that not only am I, but everyone else, is not a body. I am a spiritual being operating a body, just like the rest of us. And, upon further study, I’ve found out that I’m not alone in that conviction.

“You don’t have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.” — C. S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia.

spiritual beings

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French Jesuit priest and mystic philosopher.

Like I said, I had never thought about it before. The thought never crossed my mind.

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The Best Key Lime Pie

The following is an article that was featured in my hometown’s gazette newsletter. I am adding it here because I love Key Lime Pie and because I would like to meet you in line at the restaurant, where we will all share pie!


Clearwater restaurant boasts best key lime pie — and can prove it

CLEARWATER — The best key lime pie in America can be found on Sunset Point Road, according to some folks who ought to know.

Zukie Tzekas, baker, cook and manager at the family-owned Sunset Grill, just east of Old Coachman Road, recently won the commercial division of the American Pie Council’s national championship.

“I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe it,” Tzekas said.

She had only been baking pies for a little over a year at the restaurant, which she runs with her mother, father and sister. On a typical day, Tzekas, 47, bakes pies and cakes, cooks specials and manages the restaurant as part of what she calls her “seven days a week love affair.”

A self-described visual learner, Tzekas honed her pie skills watching YouTube videos. Once she mastered the technique, Tzekas experimented with new flavors and ingredients, a skill she has honed with more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

Tzekas entered the contest at the behest of her customers.

“I had my customers saying that these were the best pies they’d ever had,” Tzekas said. “They’ve traveled everywhere and had homemade pies but they really loved my pies.”

This praise led her to Google “pie contests” and to discover the APC national championships, held in Orlando.

Tzekas competed against companies like Publix and Village Inn, as well as professional pie companies.

The pies were laid out on a display table, where they were judged on appearance, consistency, flavor and other criteria.

A separate competition was held for each type of pie. Tzekas entered two pies, a coconut cream and a key lime. According to Tzekas, some of her competitors entered as many as 40 kinds.

For winning, Tzekas was awarded $200 and a plaque that is now displayed prominently near the entrance to the Sunset Grill.

Tzekas thinks her key lime pie stands out because of its crust, which is made from butter, graham crackers, vanilla wafer and an ingredient she wishes to remain a secret.

“It’s really creamy,” said Kayleigh White, 27, a regular at the restaurant. “A lot of key lime pies are super tart, but this one is just right.”

Business at her restaurant has picked up since Tzekas’ contest win, especially sales of key lime pie.

“I just feel good that finally in my life someone recognizes me,” Tzekas said. “I mean, they all recognize me from here anyway, but to win the nationals is amazing.”

Next year, Tzekas plans to enter more pies and expand to cake contests so she can show off her carrot cake, which she insists is amazing.

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Brazil’s Epic Loss: A Lesson For Entrepreneurs

The following is a blog posted by a friend, Edwin Dearborn.

Brazil’s Epic Loss: A Lesson For Entrepreneurs

If you follow the World Cup, you just witnessed the most epic loss ever between Brazil and Germany. It serves as a lesson to any entrepreneur. Home field advantage, supportive fans and tons of emotion did not bring home the win.

What Germany brought to the game was a system based on precision. They executed an effective system, a plan. Germany did not primarily rely on hopeful visions or positive feelings, which is common with entrepreneurs, but with a well-drilled system that was executed with precision.

The number of business failures, which some experts cite as over 50% within their first 2 years, is because most businesses launch with lots of enthusiasm and hopes and that’s about it. But very few arrive to the game with business processes and policies that are proven to deliver results, even when applied in a hostile environment that wants you to lose.

Precision Trumps Emotion

Now matter how “psyched up” you get, eventually you will need to develop systems and patterns that overcome barriers, the competition, as well as your own limitations. Business processes and successful policies, uniformly enforced, will always trump and team that is completely excited and committed.

While enthusiasm and commitment are an absolute must, these will wane and become lost when you encounter a series of challenges. Systems, known and enforced programs, effective policies, and clearly delineated business process, will always win the day. This is how enthusiasm and commitment can continue to grow.


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