No Fail Approach to Effective Selling Skills


salesman and prospect

The underlying principle on which salespeople should be trained is a little-remembered copy-writing formula from the late 19th century. This formula caught on, blew up and enjoyed tremendous success in sales in the early 20th century, before getting eclipsed by other approaches. Still, the basic method touched upon a sequence of vital elements that remain valid to, and need to be addressed in, today’s sales and sales training arenas.

The pity is that most trainers miss these points in their programs, leaving gaping holes in sales trainees’ understanding and ability to apply what they are taught and expected to employ on their sales endeavors. The result is too many salespeople who never succeed as well as they should in sales; too many salespeople who are too pushy and alienate their prospects and customers; and too many people experiencing losses and then leaving a worthy profession that is a lynch-pin for…

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