Carolina Baseball Book Embraces Gamecocks History

Guest blogger J. David Miller writes today’s post about two editions of an acclaimed baseball book:

“South Carolina Gamecocks Athletic Director Ray Tanner (formerly Carolina’s baseball head coach) believes in miracles. Not only from the late-inning heroics that were staples of his national championship baseball teams — but also for every kid who ever dreamed of playing America’s pastime, regardless of physical handicaps.

“Tanner brought together award-winning author J. David Miller and his co-author Ronald Joseph Kule to write Carolina Baseball: Pressure Makes Diamonds, in limited leather-bound edition, so that proceeds could be used to build a Miracle League Field™ in Columbia, S.C.

“‘It’s hardly just the wins and the losses, the struggles or victories of what we’ve done here in Columbia,’ says Tanner, ‘It’s about children who we believe deserve to have an opportunity to enjoy the pastime that has changed all of our lives.’

“Tanner wrote the foreword to the critically acclaimed Pressure Makes Diamonds. The book is a comprehensive, university-authorized journey through the Gamecocks’ storied 119-year baseball history, culminating with their 2010-2011 national championships. Hundreds of full-color photos preserve Carolina’s revered memories and bring the games back to life.

“There are thousands of children with disabilities who live within driving distance of Columbia, most not able to participate in team sports. They are the driving force behind Tanner’s goal to build a unique baseball complex as close to sparkling Carolina Stadium as possible. His vision will become one of numerous Miracle League Fields around the nation, and the only one of its kind in the state of South Carolina.

“NBC, ABC’s Connecting With Kids, FOX, and HBO’s Real Sports have chronicled the success of the Miracle League. There are 240 Miracle League Organizations across the country, as well as Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia. The Miracle League currently serves over 200,000 children and young adults with disabilities.”

Copies of the Limited Edition — a great gift for people who wish not only to present someone with a beautiful book, but also to help build a Miracle League field in Columbia, S.C. — are yet available in limited quantity. For those who prefer gifts for Kindles and Nooks, there is the eBook edition.

A generous portion of proceeds from each book and eBook purchase goes to The Ray Tanner Foundation to help fund and build a Miracle League ballpark in Columbia, S.C. Your purchase today will make a significant difference in the lives of many children for years to come.

For more information about this book, and other books by Ronald Joseph Kule, go to


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