Chef Tell – Master Chef and Baby Boomers’ Hero

“Author Ronald Joseph Kule’s excellence can be felt in the pulse that beats from within the pages. His work about the late Chef Tell is going to stir more than just a few kitchen pots. I stood back in amazement as Ron took a complex, infuriating, yet ultimately appealing character, and produced one superbly crafted work of literature.” — J. David Miller, Award-winning Author/Sports Journalist/Hall of Fame head coach, AAA Semi-pro champion SoCal Coyotes
In 1976, Friedemann Paul Erhardt — “Chef Tell” — became America’s pioneer TV showman chef.  Within weeks of winning the audition, he appeared on-air in 30 cities. Within months, 40,000,000 avid Baby Boomer fans in 114 cities—comparable to the fan base of Julia Child—tuned in to Evening Magazine or PM Magazine to watch his 90-second, cooking segments, three times weekly. Personal appearances on The Mike Douglas ShowThe Dinah Shore Show; The Merv Griffin Show, The Jon Davidson Show, and live cooking demonstrations in shopping malls and convention centers, added fuel to the German-American chef’s prairie fire that swept the nation.

No one had ever seen anyone like him: Chef Tell cooked fast, entertained, taught cooking, and made America feel confident enough to try cooking his way, signing off with, “I SEE YOU!” 

Chef Tell was the author’s brother-in-law. The hard-cover book, 452 pages, 70 photos, NEW CHEF TELL RECIPES, is available now at the store and makes a great holiday gift. The author will sign your copies.
Author-signed copies available at



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