“HUMANITY! We are each a part of it – its lofty beauty, horrible sadness, vexing problems, powerful highs and deplorable conditions. By right, solutions for humanity’s future are both the responsibility and freedom of every person who walks this Earth. Humanity is a group.

Any group is composed of individual human beings – composites of what makes us not only vulnerable to the limitations of matter, energy, space and time, but also immortal in our hopes, dreams, inspirations and aspirations. The responsibilities and rights of one individual, therefore, are identical to those of Humanity: as goes one person, so goes the group.

Who is the next Einstein? The next Mozart? Martin Luther King, Jr.? From what part of the planet will the answer to harsh weather and drought conditions come? Where is the next Mother Theresa or Michael Jackson? Is he or she rich or a beggar on the roadside in some Third World country?

Protecting the basic, inalienable rights of one person is vital to the overall future and conditions of all of humanity’s existence. One document, sworn to in 1948 at the United Nations, voluntary in its implementation, known and implemented universally under common law — the Universal Declaration of Human Rights championed by Eleanor Roosevelt — can protect, defend and enhance every single person on Earth. More than ever, the 30 declared human rights must be made known and well thought of today, if Mankind is to move forward to greater heights, leaving no one behind.

The next innovations of human technology, be they spawned by the sciences, entertainment, design, global issues or inspirational works of art from the brightest leaders of tomorrow, will come, but only if all 30 human rights are given free rein to prosper and to flourish in every quarter.

Each human being is a universe of potential waiting to give back to humanity its best, brightest ideas and dreams available.”

copyright 2013 by Ron Kule. All Rights Reserved.


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