Wouldn’t this be the most opportune time to push through a new, non-income-based tax reform… and eliminate the IRS entirely or alter their purpose and make them a collection agency for a national, retail sales tax?

The I.R.S. under scrutiny and investigation today is like looking at an iceberg from the surface of the ocean.  More abuse and potential for harm will be found below what is visible today.

But the whole situation begs other questions:  Why does the I.R.S. exist at all?  Why does America tax its people based on income?  Is any income tax even needed?

Imagine the I.R.S. as an agency for collecting a sales tax — specifically a national, retail sales tax — instead of income taxes.  Imagine that every time you or your neighbor purchased whatever they desired, aside from food and shelter, they contributed to America’s well-being by paying a simple, painless sales tax.

ALL Democrats, ALL Republicans and all other party members would pay the tax.  Congressional leaders and Presidents-elect would pay the tax.  No one would be exempt, and no loopholes would exist.

ALL wage-earners and productive members of our society would keep 100% of what they earn in their paychecks.  They would be able to determine and decide better what to keep in savings for future expenses, and what to spend.

ALL wealthy individuals would contribute without exception, because purchases would trigger the tax.  Wealthy corporations would also pay the tax on all retail purchases, yet they would market to a public that had more discretionary income to buy their goods and services.

In fact, anyone traveling inside America would also pay the tax on purchases: criminals, tourists, visitors… all purchases trigger the sales tax.  Every time. And why not? America has shelled out more foreign aid to more countries over more time than any other nation in history.

It is time that ALL Americans pay a national, retail sales tax — and NO income tax — for the benefit of all of America.

The time for a bright idea in tax reform, a reformed I.R.S., is now.

© Ron Kule, 2010,2012. All Rights Reserved.  Any copy, reproduction or unauthorized use of these contents without written permission of the copyright owner,  is a violation of all applicable copyright laws.  Permission may be obtained through KuleBooksLLC@gmail.com.


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