In Love With YOU

I am sailing along, doing what I think is right for me.  So is everyone else.

Even when we act for the good of another, it pleases us as well.  We cannot help it. Is this what Kierkegaard and Camus told us would happen?  This human condition that spins us in orbit around a ball of fire — is it our only destiny?

Perhaps, on the other hand, we have never gone anywhere.  Is this all illusion? Are we Masters of a magic so good that it blindfolds us to the Magician in us?

Someone wrote there is no time or distance between lovers… was he telling an observed truth or thinking out loud, afraid he was alone in the universe?

My destiny may not tie to yours.  Hell, I may not need a destiny.  Maybe I just AM.

Maybe you just ARE.

Maybe we are all illusionists of the first-rate. Condemned to our freedoms; jailed by our distractions.

In that case, your distractions melt my heart, my soul and ME.



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