I prefer pay-as-I-purchase taxation (i.e., sales tax).

America can do better with no income-based taxation and, instead, a sales tax on retail purchases. This could be collected by the states, which would act as “collection agents” for the federal government. They could charge a commission and then pay the net proceeds to Congress to manage the federal budget. This would increase state revenues and give fiscal oversight.

Current IRS employees could be hired by states to administer the collections, thereby eliminating from the federal budget their current salaries and fringe benefit costs; yet, save their jobs.

Net effect: less federal government intrusion; everyone pays tax by purchases, even criminals; no loopholes; states increase revenue streams; lowered federal government costs; a workable system that is fair; less costly: no income tax returns and related costs of time and money; everybody keeps 100% of their paychecks. April 15th becomes just another day.

Give Marxism a rest.  Eliminate income taxation.


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