OMG! It’s Thursday and April Fool’s is Monday!

Yesterday I bemoaned Wednesday in my blog post, but now it’s Thursday, almost sphincter-time (Friday).  What am I going to do now that the hours of this week are dwindling down inexorably.  I mean, Saturday, albeit the actual end of a week at midnight, is a “day-off,” right?

Thursday … hmmm. Afternoon already.  I’ve sent out my tweets for the day.  Got up to date on my FB wall posts; even caught up with my email in four accounts.  What to do now? Oh yeah, there are the other stories to promote, more pages to write on my current novel and then research for the upcoming book project, which begins on April Fool’s Day. (See, I’m already ahead of my wife who probably hasn’t thought ahead enough to figure how she is going to trick me Sunday evening.)

But enough about my time and how to fill it … how are you going to delight your significant other come Monday?

I know it’s lame but I’ll probably lay on the “We won the lottery last night” one more time.  That is, if you don’t help me and comment some better ideas!


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