I love the simplicity and high-toned (unserious) messaging of this video, which was created through my Italian publisher, Rocco Lanata.


One Italian video promoting the acclaimed sales-training book by Ronald Joseph Kule, in Italy, “Vendere meglio, piu facilmente e con maestria” — in English, “Sell Better, Sell Easier, Sell Anything Artfully.” The book is the basic text for internationally delivered sales-training workshops performed on commission anywhere.

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Haiku Book Released

    Romance & Sensuality, Volume One in a series of collections of Haikulisms™ by Ronald Joseph Kule is available online at Amazon.com.  There will be more books in the series released in 2013; each covering a different subject.

     The author/poet’s work is published internationally and based on his experiences of travel through 35 countries, decades of a successful sales and writing career and scores of lady-friends.

     The imagery of this poet’s poetry are timeless: they will last forever in your heart.

Making Time (Where Does It Go?)

I need 48-hour days.  My bet is that you do, too.

We live in a fast-paced world that doesn’t seem like it will slow down for centuries, especially with its innovations.  Remember dial-up telephones and “Go out and play outside” from moms answering “I’m BORED” from their kids?  Malt shoppes and walking to the store – any store – which was just down the street.  Remember unlocked front doors left that way so neighbors and family relatives could drop in anytime?

For that matter, do you remember “Our Town” by Iris Dement?  Her song lamented the loss of such good old times and small towns where everyone knew each other and all the kids of the neighborhood played together at the same community playground.

Today, making it financially as a full-time author of books takes those kinds of days and nights that stretch beyond body sleep/awake cycles and things done at certain hours of the day, or certain days of the week.  Because the bills come monthly and the royalty payments semi-annually, my lot — the lot of any author — is to keep writing day and night, churning out new material, sending it online or to the agent and publishers, hoping to go “viral,” so that in-between money meets the inexorable monthly demands.  That’s why I need 48-hour days.

Not writing is not an option; I have to write.  Coffee is not an option: too jittery and too harsh on the adrenal glands.  Sleep is, at times, not an option, either.  The Muse, when she visits, demands compliance of the writer, lest she go away to visit some other struggling auteur and forget about me forever.  What a Mistress she is!  When she’s hot, she’s HOT!  Capturing her spirit keeps a writer clasping to the tail of her comet streak as long as possible.  One never knows exactly when she will come around again, and the sensations of the celestial ride are out of this world.

Yes, if you’re selling 48-hour days, I’ll buy as many as I can.  It’s a notion that just could go viral.

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