Not the Guns … the DRUGS!!

We all live with one common urge: to survive. All of Life is surviving. We survive through (perhaps also, as) urges that may be described as individual, family, groups, Mankind, living things, matter-energy-space-time, spirituality and infinity or God.

These urges for the most part manifest as positive, survival acts; however, aberrative behavior — such as a mass shooting — is not natural. Life is basically good, generous even.

Mass-shooting events, being unnatural and, therefore, manufactured, can be approached as a problem. A problem always has a “cause.” In this case, the cause is the manufacture, dispensing and use of psychiatric drugs. One must ask: WHO is doing this, and WHY? What is their rationale for their behavior; what is their agenda?

These must be investigated now. We cannot blindly sit aside and watch community after community get altered, simply because of these DRUGS.

Discover and handle the source of a problem, and the problem vanishes. The proof is in the pudding: where were the mass shootings, the murder/suicide events in earlier generations? And … what changed?


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