Giving Thanks … Again

This year the mood seems different.  Turkey Day is almost upon us, but I remember still the fireworks display on the 4th of July in Clearwater, Florida like it was yesterday.  Maybe I should get outside more often.

Truth is, I’ve been outside more than I’ve thought about it or been aware.  You see, I’m a creative writer working full-time. While my body sits at my desk and types my imagination and stories onto a screen, my mind (myself, really) travels “outside” and even back and forth in time.

So what does this have to do with Turkey Day?  This year I would rather keep writing than take time off and go visit my relatives across the state.  That is quite a change for me, since I come from a family of eight siblings and two parents (although Mom passed on years ago).  But my Dad is 92 years old and sounds older this year for the first time.  My thought is I better go see him again … you never know when the last visit is really the Last Visit.  I love my Dad.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this.  You’ve helped me decide:  I’m taking the time off to see my Dad and the rest of the family.  And I’ll probably enjoy their company once I get there, like I always do.

I guess that’s something to give thanks … again.  Happy Turkey Day, my friends.


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