My Morning (and Daily) Routines Kinda Snuck Up on Me

Even though I’m a pretty methodical guy, who also likes to go outside of the box — is that oxymoronic? — I never thought about getting into a morning ritual, but I have.

First of all, I’m not a “coffee person.”  I just hop out of bed after doing some stretches while lying prone, do the morning stuff in the bathroom, and walk to my home office a few steps away.  That’s usually 8:30-9 a.m.

Next, I pick up the mouse to awaken the computer, click on Chrome and check emails for every one of my five (or is it six?) addresses.  If traffic needs reply, I could spend an  hour on the tasks before pondering which book project I feel like getting into first for the day.  Full-time author: freedom to choose, responsibility to spin good yarns.

More often than not I forget to eat.  My wife — thank you, honey — saves my bacon as she places food next to me on my writing desk.

My pick-me-up time hits me from 3 p.m. til about 5 p.m..  At that time I almost daily drink Emv (Energy to the power of MonaVie); a lightly carbonated, natural blend of exotic, organic fruits and plants, that tastes and feels like FUN!  It delivers a plant-source caffeine boost without any crash-and-burn effect.  In fact, the “natural high” leaves me alert for another 4-5 hour round of creative writing.

Typically, around nine in the evening I break for the day and share some reading, talk or TV-watching with my wife before either hitting the sack or heading back to my desk if inspired.  At any rate, lights out comes at 2 or 3 in the morning, every day.  Seven days a week.

Oh yeah, one more thing: blog time squeezes in between the emails and the creative wordsmithing.  Hope you like ’em.


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