The upstart, 2012 University of South Carolina Gamecocks nearly achieved a historic, first-ever-in-college-baseball, 3-peat national championship. A motley crew of mostly freshmen, junior college transfers and a few veterans when the season began, Carolina’s boys became a respected group of young men in one difficult year that saw them failing halfway through the season, yet rally in the second half to become a real team of players that operated with unerring precision, despite amazing trials of fire, all the way to the Finals series of the College World Series in Omaha.  Along the way, one of the most-respected pitchers in college ball history, Michael Roth, pitched the last game of his storied, career as a Gamecock.

This short story brings to vivid life the age-old maxim, “It’s not the journey’s end but the journey that matters.”  I hope you’ll read it over on Smashwords or Amazon and let me know what you think.

The tale is also the “last word, the unwritten chapter” of the historical account of the Gamecocks’ baseball program history book, Carolina Baseball: Pressure Makes Diamonds, by co-authors J. David Miller and Ron Kule.  Available in limited edition, leather-bound edition — a great gift — through The Ray Tanner Foundation.  (Coming soon as an ebook online.)

This post is © 2012 by KuleBooks LLC. All Rights Reserved.  Permission to reprint may be obtained by contacting the author through


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