Weird Weather Planet

Weird to sit in Florida tonight thankful for the cooler weather, when my sister and two brothers and families up in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas are without power and heat, with flooded basements and properties.  Not to mention the other few millions going through the same things.

I am grateful here, in a t-shirt and working.  In fact, I redoubled my work today (I am an author) in homage to those who couldn’t get to their offices and make their rounds, yet had to suffer the consequences of Mother Nature.

Somewhere someone is traveling to exotic places;  someone else is buying cocktails in a resort with friends; others are shivering with cold or sweltering under heat … what a weird weather planet we live on!

Beautiful and dangerous, exotic and boring; drab and exciting — all at once — what a place we share!

I lift my glass to all of thee!


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