My Apologies To Followers

    My apologies to those who’ve been following me and not getting much traffic from me.  I did not realize that so many were actually following!  Forgiven?

   Well, how about if I tell you I’ve been writing at least 8-10 hours every day, working on a fiction story of love & romance — one that will improve any man’s chances at everlasting relationships?  Would that be okay?

   What if I shared a selling tip with you?  My sales books are selling well in the USA and Italy.  And I did train 100s of salespersons successfully.  Here’s the tip:  The better (as in, more thoroughly) you listen, ask questions and listen to the prospect’s answers, the easier it is to close the sale later.  Prospects, if you hear the meanings of their words, will often tell you exactly how they can be sold.

   So, how’s that?  Forgiven now?


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