Weird Weather Planet

Weird to sit in Florida tonight thankful for the cooler weather, when my sister and two brothers and families up in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas are without power and heat, with flooded basements and properties.  Not to mention the other few millions going through the same things.

I am grateful here, in a t-shirt and working.  In fact, I redoubled my work today (I am an author) in homage to those who couldn’t get to their offices and make their rounds, yet had to suffer the consequences of Mother Nature.

Somewhere someone is traveling to exotic places;  someone else is buying cocktails in a resort with friends; others are shivering with cold or sweltering under heat … what a weird weather planet we live on!

Beautiful and dangerous, exotic and boring; drab and exciting — all at once — what a place we share!

I lift my glass to all of thee!

My Apologies To Followers

    My apologies to those who’ve been following me and not getting much traffic from me.  I did not realize that so many were actually following!  Forgiven?

   Well, how about if I tell you I’ve been writing at least 8-10 hours every day, working on a fiction story of love & romance — one that will improve any man’s chances at everlasting relationships?  Would that be okay?

   What if I shared a selling tip with you?  My sales books are selling well in the USA and Italy.  And I did train 100s of salespersons successfully.  Here’s the tip:  The better (as in, more thoroughly) you listen, ask questions and listen to the prospect’s answers, the easier it is to close the sale later.  Prospects, if you hear the meanings of their words, will often tell you exactly how they can be sold.

   So, how’s that?  Forgiven now?

Selling Is A Communication Thing

“Some sales trainers turn sales into a complicated subject, but it is not rocket science.  Thick books on selling techniques are no guarantee of your sales success.  Likely, they are something that you should run away from — too much dirt in between the nuggets.

“To start well as a sales trainee you have to want to look for the basic simplicity in the subject.  It will always be there; life is basically simple.  The fundamental, operating principle of sales is its simplest datum.  Non-researched data, theory posing as fact and opinions that mask a lack of real substance, which are found in too many “how to sell” books, only make learning the ropes of selling hard.  Every subject — sales is no exception — has a key simplicity at its core, which, understood and applied, unlocks the doors to success.

“This is important stuff.  Being able to sell well contributes to your mental and financial well-being.  People who know they can sell well have the comfort of knowing they can provide, or that they have provided, the wherewithal for their families to continue to survive and grow.

“Blindly learning rote patterns and scripts for selling won’t help you to sell well.  What seemed easy becomes difficult and hard to do when the underlying dynamic of any sales presentation is not grasped well, or at all.  It is not enough for you to spout off a rote pitch.  Today’s sophisticated buying public will not tolerate such methods for selling; they reject the “sales pitch” approach.  They can smell one coming a mile away.  You have to perform better than that in sales to enjoy continued success.

 “The correct and fundamental principle of selling is that selling is a communication thing.  Selling is a specialized form of communication that includes enough understanding on the part of both the seller and the buyer to accomplish a persuasion (on the part of the seller) and an acceptance (on the part of the buyer) that brings about an exchange of goods and/or services for a valuable — most often money.

“Without an understanding of WHY a sales technique works when it does, or WHY NOT when it does not, that sales technique will not make selling better and easier for you.  Repeating your mistakes of today will lose potential sales commissions for you tomorrow, unless change toward understanding the underlying simplicity of selling, is effected.  The only way you, or any salesperson, can better sales results, statistics and income is to learn to sell better and more easily by understanding selling’s basic fundamental simplicity: selling is communication.  Fortunately, communication as a specialized skill can be taught and learned.”  — Ron Kule

Ronald Joseph Kule is the author of Sell Better, Sell Easier, Sell Everything Artfully, a self-help, sales-training book designed for beginners to professionals to make selling better and easier by offering the missing ingredients of successful sales training, as well as exclusive selling exercises that improve sales-communication skills immediately.

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Sales Are Up

now available in Italy and online

Sales of my sales-training book are up in Italy as Italian salespersons begin to learn and utilize my unique selling approach.   The book, Vendere Meglio, piu facilmente e con Maestria, released in September 2012, and is being promoted online there, and through independent sales agents and distributors.

The self-help book is also the basic text for one-day, Better Easier Sales Technology™ (B.E.S.T.) sales-training workshops, which are conducted in Italy and America for companies that commission them.  In Italy, contact Rocco Lanata, the book’s Italian publisher, at  In America, contact the author at  The American edition title is Sell Better, Sell Easier, Sell Anything Artfully.

Both the book and the workshops undercut other sales techniques and supply exclusive, selling exercises that improve skills immediately.  Both are recommended by international sales consultants.

   For more information about the author and his other books.

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