A new overture for a baseball game: 0 for 9 … then an error, two runs behind … then the fifth, like Beethoven’s Fifth — bombastic, soaring … an onslaught of five runs more than enough to last … in the end, 7-3, Gamecocks Rule! FEAR THE FISH!*

The Carolina Gamecocks played the Florida Gators last night in Game 4 of the College World Series.  They stranded nine runners through four innings, committed an error in the third, which caused a two-run deficit to the Gators. In the fifth inning the Gamecocks bats unleashed a fury of hits and five runs crossed the plate before the rally subsided.  After minor action, Carolina’s closer, Matt Price, mesmerized Florida batters with strikeouts in the last two frames to close the show. 

For the fascinating history leading up to this symphony, read Carolina Baseball: Pressure Makes Diamonds by J David Miller & Ron Kule, foreword by Coach Ray Tanner.

*Fear the Fish — Gamecocks adopted mascot for the season is L. B. Dantzler’s Bette fish, Reptar.  Still, there may be no truth to the rumor that baseball players are superstitious! FEAR THE FISH!

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