I recently wrote to former national champion USC Gamecocks’ Captain, Whit Merrifield. who replied:

Whit, I’m one of two co-authors of Carolina Baseball: Pressure Makes Diamonds. Would you be willing to give us a comment we may use to promote the book, in light of the recent accomplishment of the 2012 team getting to Omaha? What did you think of our book and its purpose to help Coach Tanner build a Miracle League ballpark for kids with physical challenges? What would you tell the current players heading into Omaha against Florida? — Ron Kule

Whit Merrifield replied, “Coach Tanner is a class act and truly a genuine man. He could be doing this for a number of reasons, but I truly believe he cares for others so much that he’s going to go out of his way to be sure that kids that are less fortunate will have a way to enjoy this game, which we all love.

And to the guys that are going to Omaha, enjoy it. You don’t know how much you miss it and wish you were there until you’re watching it.

And bring back another trophy. No pressure.”

To help Coach Tanner to help the kids, purchase a book at


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