Chef Tell Erhardt, America’s pioneer TV showman chef

He was America’s pioneer TV showman chef. His audience was eight times larger than Julia Child. He was a best-selling author — one of his recipe books sold over 230,000 copies in 1982.  He cooked for kings, queens, politicians, TV and movie celebrities, and taught millions how to cook at home.

Chef Tell was funny and informative at the same time.  He was Regis Philbin’s favorite TV chef guest.  At the peak of his TV career, Tell had 40,000,000 fans watching his TV segments three times a week, and affiliate stations received as many as 20,000 requests PER WEEK for his recipes in the 1970s.

He drew massive crowds to convention centers, who watched his live food preparation and cooking demonstrations.

Tell loved dogs, fast cars, women, motorcycles and children.

Chef Tell was one of a kind, ahead of his time and a trail-blazer.  TV chefs of today owe him a tip of their toques (tall white hats) for creating a new brand: the TV showman chef.

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