Economic Considerations

Here it is December 15, 2010.  With so many changes at different levels, we  must learn to appreciate our durability as individuals, groups and as a nation.

Last year at this time we struggled through the initial effects of the downturn in the economy but managed to uplift our prospects for income with the help of like-minded friends and family members.  2011 looks bright – more book projects in the works.

There were changes in Congress. Newly elected representatives and senators have the opportunity to bring some needed sanity to our monetary policies.  Let’s see if they have the courage of strong conviction to go along with the rhetoric that got them the votes.  

Regardless of what Congress does, when it comes to handling money, finances and personal economy there are basic rules to follow:  You must provide a real product that can be sold before you earn money; you have to spend less than you earn to build a reserve; you have to promote what you can deliver.  The public must be enlightened to demand your product through the use of effective marketing as a first step to product exchange.

Government gets in the way of progress when it steps outside the bounds of its Constitutional mission to ensure a safe environment for its citizens to live freely and pursue happiness as they deem it.  Our government has grossly overstepped its mission for about 80 years; it is time to scale it down measurably before it stifles what freedom and initiative is left in America.

Business creates, sells and delivers products and services; in exchange, its customers pay them.  Government should keep the borders safe and help to keep the flow of business moving.  That is the total ideal scene of government.  What we see today is a gross departure from that ideal.

One of the most simple ways to recoup usurped freedoms from a government is to eliminate all income taxation of any kind.  People are entitled to what they earn.  Congress will be more responsive to the needs and wants of the people if it collects its taxes by sales tax alone. And the people will have more confidence in the economic future of America.

The way is clear to a recovery. Will Congress and the America people take it?

Ok, that’s all for now.

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