America is government, “…Of the People…”

Fellow Americans, we need to act!

Our freedoms have eroded away with Obama “Healthcare” and other nefarious tax-and-spend schemes.

Weak citizens vote for bigger government entitlements; strong citizens not only make their own way but they are willing to go out of their way to help others.  Government entitlements are not needed at all; in fact, these are based on a lie: the belief that people will not help each other.

America was built by strong citizens willing to fight for freedom from tyranny, and today we have the same challenge before us.  Whereas the fight was with the Crown in America’s early days, today the fight is within our borders.

“Progressive/liberal’s” beliefs are based on that same lie, that we cannot or will not help each other.  Like a drowning swimmer who clambors over his rescuer to stay above water, they would bring us all down and subjugate every one of us to keep themselves in positions of power.

I saw Russia and mainland China prior to recent regime changes; it was dismal living. I saw where America will end up, if we do not demand and get smaller government soon.  It’s not free and it doesn’t work — ask any Russian expatriate.  Ask any incarcerated Chinese freedom worker.

America, it is time to vote for change again … and to get it right this time!

©Ron Kule, 2012. All Rights Reserved.  Any copies, reproductions or unauthorized use of these contents, in whole or in part, without express written permission of the copyright owner is prohibited and is a violation of all applicable copyright laws.  Permission to copy or use the materials may be obtained through


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