Let’s Work Together

Let’s work together to bring America around like a large cruise liner sweeping the seas around into the right direction for her future.
America today is losing her freedoms and it’s going to come from non-educated, dumbed-down generations who cannot see the overall picture of what America was versus what it has become today.
Only a wise, intelligent America can vote wisely and intelligently on the crucial issues of our day, many of which begin at home; to wit,
progressive income taxation kills productivity and innovation, yet a better simpler way to collect taxes is far more fair than this one and is available: simply collect taxes on all purchases with a national retail sales tax. This should follow as a replacement for progressive or any other type of income-based taxation.
Our Constitution provides for the fair and equal treatment of all the citizenry. Taxing some at a different rate than others actually violates this constitutional guarantee; it is unlawful.
Only an educated, able populace in America will demand such a change.
Term limit all federal positions. With the advent of the Internet and easy access to a plethora of information even to the most common man today, we no longer need government positions to be held for life or ongoing terms ad infinitum by elected officials. Once in office the current lot seek only to perpetuate themselves in office, and that is not in America’s best interests. If the current politicians all had to return to the workaday world they would be better off for the renewed understandings from rubbing elbows with the rest of us…and new, fresh public servants would come to the aid of our ship of state, staying only as long as necessary to guide America through her years of tenure and beyond.

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