methods of taxation

Sales tax is a pay-as-you-go system which allows everyone to keep their own earned money until they spend it.
Income tax takes the money away as you earn it…and takes away your control of that money, placing it in the hands of beaureaucrats who will decide how to spend it in your behalf.
America ran more than 100 years without an income tax, and Americans got along fine spending their own money.
Today, with numerous loopholes in the income tax system people and businesses who should pay some tax do not pay any, yet a sales tax system would close all loopholes and generate more tax income based on sales from all sources including criminal enterprises anf foreigners in America; when they buy they pay a tax.
If you have all your own money you may choose to save more of it. When you have all of your money to spend or save as you wish, you (the collective you of all Americans) can control government spending better, because if you do not like what government does with the tax funds they do receive you can save more and spend less; if you like their spending or causes, you spend more by buying more.
Sales tax is just another way to collect taxes, but it is less expensive, raises more tax revenue, allows for the power of the people, and controls the rampant growth of big government. It also creates a better economy, since the exchange of goods and services moves more freely.
Solvency for more Americans will result from a sales tax system. More Americans will be able to save a bit of what they earn, and solvency is really spending less than you earn or making more than you spend.
The social implications of changing back to a sales tax system are many: families may be able to survive on one paycheck, leaving more women to play an active role as full time mothers again in the home. Home schooling could become more prevalent, or at least more educational influences over the children may be exercised in the home. Families would become more like the families of earlier years, more close-knit and active together. And other ways too numerous to write here.
Taxes may be inevitable, but what system of taxation is employed is not inevitable. There are too many reasons to return to an America without income taxation than not to and remain with a stultifying and regressive and overly governmental system such as income taxation.

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